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Why your website is not ranked in the first 100 results of Google? Did my website failed?

These are questions you may ask yourself. Everyone does. But are you considering the fact that you may looking at the wrong place? Not all keywords are equally important, of course, but how carefully did you chose those keywords or formed a specific query?

For example:
“web development” is different than “Web Development” or “web development New York”

Notice how I used the name of a city? Yeah, this will definitely help, especially if you are just starting out. Also, this is something a lot of people use on search engines, meaning that this is a valid query form to use. So, unless you are a big company or well-known brand then you probably going to need this type of queries in order to track your website’s progress.

Did you thought of a new keyword or phrase? Let's check your website rank!

You have to be creative when you are thinking of keywords and always try to get into the user's mind. If that doesn’t return results then you probably should start thinking about synonyms.

For example:
“web design New York”, “web applications New York” etc.


Also, don't forget about location and ccTLDs. Sometimes they make a big difference. You are not expecting the best results for a local store selling pizza based in a town in Canada while your search is made from Australia, are you?

That doesn’t mean that your website shouldn't rank well worldwide but it depends on the nature of your website and the existing content that makes Google rank it appropriately.

Additionally, you must take into consideration that your website’s ranking may take some time to settle, or maybe there is something wrong with your website’s structure or content. Check out some SEO tips to make your website better!


This is currently a new feature and this is how it works (updates coming up soon). Previous positions of the specific query are shown based on date.

  • The first result is at least 7 days old.
  • The second result is at least 14 days old.
Why is this important? This is a way to check if those last changes you made had a positive or negative effect on your website's ranking. Or maybe a competitor changed something that had an impact on results. Those changes will not have an immediate effect on your page but you'll be able to track your website's progress.

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