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After submitting your keywords and URL, you'll get the position of your website among the first 100 URLs showing up in Google search results. The results are not personalised, as if you have never visited the website before and without taking into consideration your specific location other than the country you specify. Also, Ads are excluded from ranking. Finally, you can select the Location from which you can perform your search query and the Google's Search Engine ccTLD.

*If your country doesn't show up, check the countries list.
*No results shown? Try different keywords!

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Where is my website ranked? You can be sure that your search results are going to be as accurate and objective as they could be!

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Is my website showing up in the first page of Google? Finding your website's rank in Google is just a matter of a few seconds!

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Find your website's Google rank. Use one or multiple words as keywords, add your website URL and see the results!

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Track your website position in real time!

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Take a look at your website's previous and current position


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