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Updates and Changelog

This is currently an experimental version of Rank Finder. So if you come across any problems or bugs, please let us know about it.

Rankfinder Version 2.3 Update


Welcome to the RankFinder version 2.3.
This version of Rank Finder introduces autocomplete function and supports 97% of the total number of countries


  • Autocomplete function added.
  • 97% of all countries are now supported.

Rankfinder Version 2.2 Update


Welcome to the RankFinder version 2.2.
This version of Rank Finder introduces a new feature. Position statistics! Find out how much your position changed by comparing the previous and current position of the same query. Also this version supports more countries.


  • Position statistics added
  • New Countries added

Rankfinder Version 2.1 Update


Welcome to the RankFinder version 2.1.
Although only 18 days after the version 2.0 update have past, this is a crucial update that fixes some important bugs and makes Rank Finder more stable. Enjoy!


  • Algorithm Update
  • Minor bugs in search results fixed

More to come soon...

Rankfinder Version 2.0 Update


Welcome to the RankFinder version 2.0.
Apart from the new look of the website, aiming at the best user experience possible, we are constantly working on upgrading our algorithms in order to deliver more accurate results.


  • New design
  • New countries added

A new update will be released soon. Be patient and keep on... searching

Rankfinder Version 1.0


Rankfinder Version 1.0 is released