Why Your Website Isn’t Showing Up On Google



Are you trying to find your website on Google’s search results with no luck? A lot of things can go wrong.

So, here is a list in case you have a website that doesn’t rank well or at all on Google.

  • 1. New Website

    If your website is 2 days old, just wait. Google will eventually index your website. If you are in a hurry you can submit your website in Google’s index from Google Search Console. Creating a sitemap can help the process (you can submit it in Google Search Console).
  • 2. No Backlinks

    Having other websites refer to your website is one (if not the most) important ranking factor. The ‘quality’ of the website is equally important. Links from a well-known website to your website can make quite a difference.
  • 3. Blocking search engines

    Check your web pages for noindex tags or for a robot.txt with the wrong instructions.
  • 4. Search Intent

    Is your content relevant to what the user is searching for? Do you provide the correct information? Can you answer the user’s questions in full? It’s that simple but... really, can you?
  • 5. Penalties

    Check your website for duplicate content issues or any Google penalties (you can check manual Actions in Google Search Console)


You should think of your website as consisting of 2 key areas that play a key role in its ranking. The technical factor and the human factor (the content).
Having technical issues (wrong tags , robots.txt, etc.) can of course be a problem but you can easily fix those (at some degree at least).
Having inadequate content though… that’s something that can really take you to the ground. Make sure your website is technically intact and focus on your content.
Create original content and answer those questions.

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