Check Your Website Speed & Improve Your Ranking


One of the most important factors for a website’s ranking is speed.
People are impatient and that’s why Google takes a website’s speed very much into consideration. But how can I improve my website’s speed, you may ask?

Very well, these are some of the things you must check in order to find and fix or improve any speed-related issues.

  • 1. Images & Files

    Large images, especially those over ~500Kb are not to be used in any website. Imaging having 10-15 of those what could happen. You get the idea.
  • 2. Hosting

    Choose your web server wisely. Your hosting provider/plan may be cheap but your websites takes forever to load. Typical.
  • 3. Unnecessary Code & Functions

    Think twice before you install another plugin or widget. Especially if you are a Wordpress user, having so many options could lead to disaster. Chose only those you actually need. Everything else just dispose it.
  • 4. PHP Version & HTTP Protocol

    Install a SSL certificate (Let’s Encrypt is free) and use the latest HTTP/2 protocol (chances are your hosting provider supports it). Also, always try to use the latest PHP version in your web server.
  • 5. Cache & Compression

    Always enable Cache when you can. Use a plugin or directly from your htaccess file. Showing cached resources can eliminate your web server’s burden and make your website load a lot faster. Same thing goes for compression.
  • 6. CDN & Minify

    Using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) can be very helpful at times. Minifying your resources is also a task a CDN can do for you or you ca do it yourself.

Finally, here are some speed test tools to help you find out what’s wrong with your website and improve it:

That’s all for now.
By the way, If you think your website doesn’t need any optimization then your SERPs should indicate exactly that.
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