Google’s Algorithm Update – May 2020 – What you need to know


Google Core Update May 2020

Somewhere in the middle of May a lot of web administrators suddenly found out that their website’s ranking changed. Dramatically!

The reason behind this is that on May 4, Google confirmed their second core update for 2020. This means that organic results were in a sense shuffled, causing dramatic changes in the search results.

Check your website’s ranking here, to see how your website was affected.

Usually it takes about 1 or 2 weeks for results to settle and that doesn’t mean that you website has any serious issues that you need to fix. Actually, If you saw your website rankings drop, that usually means that Google found some better suggestions on the topic. New websites and articles are most likely to benefit from such an update. Older, static (on a content basis) websites are those that took a greater hit.

What’s the solution though?

Focus on your content. Make sure you provide relevant and fresh content and you do not have to worry about any future core updates!

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